Triade Brazil

Rafa Lutz

DJ and Musical Producer from Balneário Camboriú, Brazil. He recently released two EPs by the English label Vintage Music Label.

This artist is also one of the members of Tiosam Music, idealized by deejays and producers from Florianópolis and Balneário Camboriú. Lutz is responsible for curating Wir Lieben, a label created in partnership with the producer Dub Recycle. Focusing on Melodic Techno and Etheral Techno, this label always seeks to bring renowned artists to its events.

Rafa Lutz matured in music assiduously attending clubs, where he developed a passion for the electronic music and was encouraged to go through this path since then.

In his performances, he always seeks to present details of deep, dark melodies and bright tones.