Triade Brazil


Diego Pontes is the creator of several projects within the musical universe. In the cinematographic area, he is a sound designer and musical producer of the EXPERIMENTTO VOYEUR, a project alongside the designer and director Junior Rodriguez, who had his first short film presented in one of the SOFA editions of the PIRACEMA COLETIVO in Piracicaba. He has also produced a track for a film based on the story of guitarist Jimmy Hendrix, conducted by a Rio de Janeiro-based producer.

Currently, under the codename Monobloq, he embraces in his productions and DJ sets all kinds of sounds under the influence of the styles: Lounge, Chill-Out, Trip-Hop, Ambient, House, Techno and Experimental.

He has performed in many nightclubs, raves and festivals alongside big names in the underground scene. Hypnotic and “cold” sounds are his marks. If any day you attend to one of his presentations: expect the unexpected.

In 2016 he had the opportunity to release for Nin92wo Records his debut album called ARPEJO consolidating his name on the Brazilian scene. The uniqueness of ARPEJO resulted a remixed version made by national and international big names released in 2017.