Triade Brazil

Juliana Mendez

Born in Curitiba, based in São Paulo, and with a unique musical taste, Juliana Mendez has always been captivated by music! Much research and knowledge has awakened the desire to play, and it was in 2014 that her very promising career as a DJ began.

Given this start as a DJ, Juliana also needed to express her ideas in her own music, so in 2016 she started her first productions. In addition to being prominent in her city, Juliana excelled in several cities throughout Brazil, and also performed in countries like Argentina and Paraguay, amazing on each gig.

Her DJ sets and tracks comes with a concept of elegance and authenticity, moving through styles in a unique way, including House, Tech-House and Techno in clubs like D-EDGE in São Paulo, Playground Music Festival, Club Vibe in Curitiba, among several other clubs and open-air parties.