Triade Brazil

Dub Recycle

Carlos Poppi, a.k.a ‘Dub Recycle’, has been a musician since he was 12 years old. He lived and studied in Berlin for three years, and now lives in Santa Catarina, Brazil. He is one of the founders of Wir Lieben, focusing on techno music.

Undoubtedly, his sound style is marked by melodic and melancholic variations. He has two singles released by one of the greatest north-american record labels, King Street Sounds, the first one in partnership with Antonela Giampietro, in the song ‘Change All’ and the second one with the singer Mari-Anna, in the single ‘Only You Know / You and Me ‘. Another EP, ‘Galax’, was released by Ukrainian Dear Deer Records, with remixes by Against the Time and Monobloq. The Brazilian label, Nin92wo released the EP ‘Garden’ with two tracks, Eva and Adam, including a remix by Touchtalk. For Prisma Techno he worked on the remix of ‘Shadow Path’ for the Brazilian duo KarVeltt, also including releases by Triade Records.

Recently he was interviewed by one of the most famous magazines in the national market, ‘House Mag’, and with notoriety he stands out among the promising revelations of 2017 in Brazilian Techno music.